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In order to serve, we offer a variety of creative fee arrangements, including:

Contingent Fees.
We advance costs.

No Recovery-No Fee

Contingent fees mean that our fees are contingent upon obtaining an award (whether by settlement, verdict or otherwise) for our clients. If and when we recover funds on behalf of our client, then our fee is a percentage of the amount recovered. If we do not succeed in obtaining compensation, we are not owed any fee for services.

Hourly Rates

Many of our clients prefer hourly billing. We have a range of fees that varies depending upon the nature of the litigation.

Blended Rates

Some of our clients prefer to have the benefit of both an hourly and contingent fee structure. We are glad to satisfy our clients’ desire for the best fee arrangement, and we strive to find the best financial fit, depending upon the circumstances.

Modified Percentage Fees
Costs and Expenses

Expenses may be paid from the client’s percentage of any recovery or paid as the case progresses. If there is no compensation paid to our client on a contingency fee matter, then costs and expenses are handled in accordance with California law, which is the client’s responsibility. Costs can be managed by agreement throughout the litigation.


Under California Law clients are ultimately responsible to pay costs. Ask us about costs.

If you have questions about how our fee arrangements work, or about any other legal matter, please feel free to call 310.777.7550 or email me.  

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